Is the Whole World on Fire?

This is a repost from “I am a very old man, and I have lived through almost the entire century,” wrote Isaiah Berlin in his 1994 essay, “A Message to the 21st Century.”[1] The 85-year old British political philosopher looked back at the carnage of the previous decades, and forward to the promise of a new millennium. The crimes of Genghis Khan “pale into insignificance next to the Russian Revolution and its aftermath: the oppression, torture, murder that can be laid at the doors of Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot.” And yet, with democracy spreading, “Great tyrannies are in ruins, or will be—even in China the day is not too distant.” The twenty-first century “can be only a be

Is Egypt a Rising Tiger on the Nile?

This is a repost from Al-Arabiya. The people of Egypt had spoken. During eight days in September, Egyptians from all walks of life came together, united toward a common goal. Was it a political protest? No. A big soccer match? Not that either. A funeral for a fallen martyr? No. What brought so many Egyptians together? A bond sale. The Egyptian government issued $8.5 billion in investment certificates for a planned expansion of the Suez Canal, a vital artery of world trade and a vital artery of Egypt’s economy. Egyptians responded in overwhelming numbers, buying up more than 80% of the shares in both a display of nationalism and calculation: the certificate, after all, paid a 12% interest

The Bush Institute Talks with Ambassador Shirin Tahir-Kheli about the Jasmine Revolution and the Ara

*Re-posted with permission from The Bush Institute. Today marks the fourth anniversary of the Jasmine Revolution in Tunisia, which led to the larger Arab Spring. The Bush Institute talks in this interview with Ambassador Shirin Tahir-Kheli about those upheavals. She also discusses the role of women in promoting freedom, which the Institute’s Women’s Initiative is focused on with programs aimed at improving education, health care and economic opportunities for women and girls. Ambassador Tahir-Kheli’s career has concentrated on expanding the role of women and democracy around the world. Her work includes serving Republican presidents since 1980, including President George W. Bush. In his adm

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