George W. Bush Again: This Time as History with James Mann

James Mann is a Washington-based author who has written a series of award-winning books about American foreign policy and about China, including Rise of the Vulcans: A History of Bush’s War Cabinet, The Obamians: The Struggle Inside the White House to Redefine American Power, The Rebellion of Ronald Reagan, Beijing Jeep, About Face: A History of America’s Curious Relationship with China From Nixon to Clinton, and The China Fantasy. He is a former newspaper reporter, foreign correspondent and columnist who wrote for more than twenty years for the Los Angeles Times. He is now a Fellow at the SAIS Foreign Policy Institute.

King Abdullah: A Saudi education revolutionary

This is a repost from Al Arabiya. From the outside, the tan brick and glass mid-rise office building in a suburb of Virginia seems ordinary and familiar. It resembles the headquarters of a moderately successful technology company. Inside these doors, however, a Saudi revolution is taking place that will have dramatic effects on the kingdom’s future. The office is home to the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission to the United States. The Cultural Mission administers the King Abdullah Scholarship Program (KASP) in the United States, one of the most ambitious feats of social and educational engineering in the modern history of the Middle East – and in the world. All told, some 200,000 Saudis are stud

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