Bosnia and Kosovo: When Politics Divides Families

Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo have the poorest bilateral relations in the Western Balkans - increasing cooperation would bring economic benefits and genuinely improve ordinary people’s lives. Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo are two countries in the Western Balkans with several things in common. Both are relatively young states, born out of the break-up of former Yugoslavia. They are both striving to join the European Union, which has set as one of its conditions the fulfillment of requirements for regional cooperation. At the level of ordinary citizens, there is significant amount of mutual empathy between the populations for the horrors their communities experienced during the re

The INF Treaty at 30: Origins, Impact, and Challenges

The negotiation of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty was a turning point in the Cold War. It did not come easily, and only after extended high-stakes diplomacy and politically fractious deployment of new US nuclear missiles in Europe. But after the “global zero” breakthrough, the US and the Soviet Union agreed to eliminate their entire class of intermediate-range missiles, globally and permanently. Today, this cornerstone arms control treaty is being challenged by Russia's deployment of a treaty-violating cruise missile, and US military commanders in the Pacific have raised concerns that large numbers of intermediate-range missiles deployed by China are not constrained by th

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