The Middle East is getting through a painful and chaotic phase of transformation. In yet another try towards normalization, the region once more has failed to succeed. An alternative order that could have oriented the regional order towards popular legitimacy, civic rights, rule of law and market economy seems to remain in waiting. To that end, Turkey’s unique role is again called for.

Turkey’s star was rising in the Middle East prior to the Arab Spring. This had to do first with the country’s ab...

January 17, 2014

The visit of the Pakistani prime minister, Nawaz Sharif, to the White House this week reminds us of the diplomatic minuet that accompanies U.S. objectives in the subcontinent. Peace and stability is a key regional goal. Getting there is hard.

The U.S. is the sole global superpower. Yet, its writ in the war torn South Asia is quite limited. In the last quarter century, Afghanistan has been in various stages of conflict. India and Pakistan have differed to the point of war over Kashmir for seventy...

One of the enduring features of American political history is the phenomenon that second-term presidents are declared to be dead or finished long before they actually are -- and that some of the most important actions in the field of foreign policy come near the end of their terms.

Bill Clinton’s presidency was said to be over in 1998, at the time of the Monica Lewinsky scandal. Yet it was not until two years later that he won congressional approval for China’s entry into the World Trade Organiza...

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