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Israel is less popular on the left of the political spectrum than on the right. A new Pew survey finds that Democrats are far less likely to support Israel than are Republicans and that liberal Democrats are less so than their moderate or conservative confreres. Internationally, socialist parties are less sympathetic to the Jewish state than conservative ones; the further to the left, the fiercer the antipathy. In the church world, several mainline d...

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Before the security collapse in Mosul, the conventional wisdom among Iraq experts was that Iraq had two options to guarantee security when faced with challenges above the capacity of the Iraqi Security Forces (ISF): the United States and Iran. Following this thinking, many of the critics of President Obama's reluctant show of support for Prime Minister Nuri Al-Maliki government argued that the slow U.S. response will force Al-Maliki to res...

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Ask Edward St. Aubyn, the author of the highly acclaimed Melrose novels, and he will tell you that words are a hindrance more than a means of expression: “In a way things were more perfect when you couldn’t describe anything ... Once you locked into language, all you could do was shuffle the greasy pack of a few thousand words that millions of people had used before.”

For St. Aubyn, the paradoxical nature of language becomes apparent in the...

July 2, 2014

As I write this from Beirut, Lebanon, the city is on high alert as the Lebanese army has set up check points across the country following a suicide bombing in Dahr al-Baidar on June 20th—an apparent attempt on the life of General Security Director Abbas Ibrahim. Lebanon’s Internal Security Forces (ISF) arrested 102 people in arguably the busiest neighborhood in Beirut, Hamra, linked to a potentially large-scale attack on a UNESCO summit. These events are not immediately related to the instabilit...

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