April 27, 2017

Anne Hillerman has been honored and delighted to continue the mystery series created in 1970 by her father, Tony Hillerman. She debuted with Spider Woman’s Daughter, which follows the further adventures of the characters her father made famous, Joe Leaphorn and Jim Chee. She has just released her third book in the series, Song of the Lion, which became a New York Times bestseller. One of the inspirations for this work was her enthusiasm for creating a leading female character in the mystery genr...

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The Foreign Policy Matters series is a new initiative by the Foreign Policy Institute (FPI) to highlight areas of challenge in the practice of foreign policy and place them in historical context. Each paper in the series is intended as a conversation starter highlighting a single issue of importance today. We will provide some basic knowledge, context, and thoughts in each paper. We will also highlight ongoing and recent work on the issues by scholars at FPI and the SAIS community....

April 20, 2017

With euroscepticism and anti-globalism on the rise, His Excellency Wolfgang Schäuble met with students, faculty, alumni, and guests to discuss the way forward to a stronger future for the European project.

Schäuble began with context on the European political developments and argued that the challenges of globalization make unilateral regulations obsolete—cooperation is critical. He contended that despite its complexity, the EU is by far the most advanced model for global governance and it deser...

April 19, 2017

By now the disruptive power of the internet has been harnessed by today's businesses, however, the wide application and diffusion of technology are the new driving forces behind the "Fourth Industrial Revolution" according to BBVA's José González-Páramo. The distinctive features of this revolution include the pace of new technological advancements, changes in consumption patterns, and new business models, González-Páramo said.

Hyper-connectivity and mobile technology are especially important to...

April 18, 2017

The relationship between religion and politics has captured the attention of esteemed scholars; to explore this relationship in greater detail, the SAIS Review of International Affairs has released a special issue on The Future of the Religious Party.

At the issue release event, SAIS Faculty discuss the future of religious political parties around the world.

Featured Panelists:

Walter Andersen, Ph.D. - Administrative Director of the South Asia Studies Program

Allison Berland, Ph.D. - Lecturer in the...

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