April 29, 2019

With decades of experience at the front lines of Track II diplomacy, JHU SAIS Foreign Policy Institute Fellow Randa Slim sheds light on how committed groups and leaders can make progress toward resolving conflict even when official talks have broken down.

The Iron Curtain. The 1994 North Korea crisis. The Syrian Civil War. These are just a few of the monumental issues in which Track II diplomacy has played a critical role.

What, precisely, is this road less traveled? Watch now to learn the four co...

In this week's edition of "Four Minute Foreign Policy," Johns Hopkins SAIS Foreign Policy Institute present Senior Fellow Edward P. Joseph, whose work in conflict management includes a dozen years in the Balkans as well as tours in Kosovo, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Haiti.

Based on his on-the-ground experience in various conflict environments, Joseph discusses the question at the heart of it all: what should we do about violence?

February 1, 2019

Welcome to a special three-part Four Minute Foreign Policy series on the INF, which ran from Monday, January 28 to Friday, February 2, when the United States moved to allow the INF Treaty to expire following controversy over Russian missile development. FPI Fellow Jeffrey Pryce breaks down the history, contemporary controversy, and consequences of the INF and its potential abrogation.

The INF: Origins and Impact (Pt. I)

On February 2, 2019, many expect that the United States will move to end the h...

In our next installment of "Four Minute Foreign Policy," Johns Hopkins SAIS Foreign Policy Institute is pleased to introduce Senior Fellow Maureen White, former Senior Advisor on Humanitarian Issues to Ambassador Richard C. Holbrooke in the State Department's Office of the Special Representative to Afghanistan and Pakistan.

What distinguishes fragile states that devolve into conflict and those that do not? "The answer is not simple..." but we can identify key catalysts. Listen now to learn more,...

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