DAAD Post-Doctoral Fellow Stephan Kieninger's new article will be published by the Journal of Transatlantic Studies in its forthcoming special issue on Henry Kissinger.

Read the early access online version here.


Drawing on American and German evidence, Stephan Kieninger’s contribution

looks into Henry Kissinger’s ambivalent relationship with Germany scrutinizing

both the parallels between Kissinger’s détente and Willy Brandt’s Ostpolitik as well

as the frictions and the competition between bo...

Welcome to a two-part interview featuring DAAD Post-Doctoral Fellow Dmitri Blueschke, who leverages game theoretical models to understand state interactions in the confluence of economic and political interests. How does game theory modeling work? And what can it show us about U.S. tariff policies? Watch now to learn more!

Game Theory in IR: How Can We Model State Actors?

In this episode of "Four Minute Foreign Policy," FPI SAIS is pleased to introduce DAAD Post-Doctoral Fellow Dmitri Bl...

Johns Hopkins SAIS Foreign Policy Institute is pleased to launch the new year with the next entry in our "Four Minute Foreign Policy," series, dedicated to providing accessible expert analysis of pressing global developments and starting public conversations on ever-evolving circumstances.

John-Michael Arnold, a DAAD Post-Doctoral Fellow at SAIS FPI, introduces his work on strategic shocks. From the fall of the Soviet Union, to the September 11th attacks, to the Arab Spring uprisings, to the Russ...

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