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For years, diplomats and students of diplomacy have raised concerns about a crisis in diplomacy. But it is only recently that this issue has found its way into more mainstream conversations about diplomacy as an instrument of national capabilities and the peaceful resolution of international issues. Although there is a growing sense that waning diplomatic resources may reduce the ability of a state to effectively pursue its interests, there is little systematic data available to assess the diplomatic capabilities of states.

FPI is giving fresh attention to a project that we hope will help provide at least one such data set.  We have produced a test "Diplomatic Capacity Index," an index that will look comparatively across countries to measure relative commitments by countries to diplomatic capabilities. What we measure and compare will depend upon how we define and operationalize diplomacy.


Below you will find a number of resources related to our project.


The Public Diplomacy of Other Countries: Implications for the United States

Comptroller General, 1979


Report Summary

Comparing Global Influence

Congressional Research Service, 2008


Report Summary

Domestic Determinants of Foreign Policy in the EU and US

Center for Transatlantic Relations

Report Summary

Soft Power 30 (Index)



Report Summary

State Department Comprehensive Annual Report on Public Diplomacy and International Broadcasting 



Report Summary

Fragile States Index

Fund for Peace, 2018


Report Summary

Global Peace Index

Institute for Economics & Peace, 2018


Report Summary

Positive Peace Index

Institute for Economics & Peace, 2017


Report Summary

Global Diplomacy Index

Lowy Institute

2016 Report

2017 Report

Index Summary

Asia Power Index

Lowy Institute, 2018


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Other Resources

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"Diplomacy in a Time of Scarcity," American Academy of Diplomacy, October 2012.

Daniel S. Hamilton and Teija Tiilikainen, Editors, Domestic Determinants of  Foreign Policy in the European Union and the United StatesCenter for Transatlantic Relations, 2018.

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Uzra Zeya, "Trump is Making American Diplomacy White Again," Politico, September 17, 2018.