Maria Snegovaya

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Maria Snegovaya is a Post-Doctoral Fellow at Johns Hopkins SAIS, holds a PhD in Political Science from Columbia University, and is an Adjunct Fellow at Center for European Policy Analysis. Her dissertation explains the success of far right in Eastern Europe as a function of the economic policy choices made by the left parties of the post-Communist era. Ms. Snegovaya's research also explores the domestic and international factors behind Russia’s ability to successfully deploy targeted political strategies and disinformation campaigns in Europe and the U.S.  


Ms. Snegovaya has presented research at professional meetings and published the results of her analysis in various publications, including book chapters, peer-reviewed journals, the Washington Post’s political science blog the "Monkey Cage," and policy papers.  

1619 Massachusetts Ave. NW

Rome Building, Suite 734

Washington, DC 20036


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