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China’s Changing Relations with Developing Countries: Implications for U.S. Policy

Relations between China and developing countries are evolving on multiple fronts. Through China’s ideational and economic influence in the developing world, its role in the architecture of international development finance, the use of the renminbi in trade and investment, and its peacekeeping activities and environmental impact, China’s new engagement with developing countries is transforming longstanding patterns of international relations. Opening with a keynote by Suisheng Zhao on the influence of the “China model,” this two-day conference (Oct 15 and 16) at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) assembles leading experts to explore China’s changing relations with developing countries and to address the implications of these changes for US policy.

Keynote address: Suisheng Zhao

Panel 1: China and Developing Countries and the Changing International Order

Panel 2: Changes and Continuities in China's Relations with Africa.Special Lecture, The China Dream - What does it Mean for Developing Countries?

Presentation: Melvin Gurtov on Xi Jinping and the China Dream

Panel 3: China as Opportunity for Developing Countries - Is it Delivering or Disappointing?

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