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"Crisis Stability in Space: China and Other Challenges" Study in Policy Launch

The Foreign Policy Institute hosted a panel discussion and reception as we launched our latest study in policy "Crisis Stability in Space: China and Other Challenges", authored by Bruce MacDonald with Adm. Dennis Blair, Dean Cheng, Karl Mueller, and Victoria Samson.

Shining a light on the instability currently inherent in the space domain, how political and military crises could spill over into space, the danger of possible space war with China, and steps the United States can take to reduce these dangers, Crisis Stability in Space identifies and explains the major features of space's strategic landscape, a new and often misunderstood domain of potential conflict. This publication assesses these challenges and how they affect space deterrence and incentives to escalate or go to war in space.


Bruce MacDonald, SAIS Dean Cheng, Heritage Foundation Karl Mueller, Georgetown University; RAND Corp. Victoria Samson, Secure World Foundation

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