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Opening Reception: "From the Land of Peacocks"

Muse District & the Johns Hopkins SAIS Foreign Policy Institute jointly hosted the Opening Reception for: "From the Land of Peacocks," a mixed media art exhibition of works by Sadia Hussain. The exhibition was accompanied by live traditional music.

Over 1 million Indian soldiers volunteered and fought in World War I. They fought alongside the British and French in some of the bloodiest battles on mainland Europe. Many never made it back home. Their stories are rarely featured in the popular narrative of the Great War. The work of Sadia Hussain, an artist trained at Pakistan’s prestigious National College of Arts, is inspired by the stories of these unsung heroes, whose memory still resonates in the mustard fields of Kallar Kahar, a village in Pakistani Punjab.

With layers of printing, photography, acrylic, and graphite, Hussain memorializes the forgotten soldiers from India who had an indelible impact on the Great War. Legend has it that many of the men of the village who left were never to return. The town center of Kallar Kahar today is marked by a large canon to commemorate the sacrifices of these soldiers.

About Muse District:

A non-profit organization based in Washington, D.C., Muse District is an exciting space for creative expression and intellectual collaboration across the South Asian diaspora in the United States. Built along the premise that the language of arts and culture is an integral tool for communicating with the global community, Muse District showcases the work of artists, writers, filmmakers, and musicians from South Asia and beyond. Muse District also aims to foster greater interaction and an inclusive dialogue among South Asian artists that challenges political and cultural boundaries and pre-conceived notions. It will especially highlight the interaction of South Asia with the contemporary Western world, and ultimately build bridges across continents, ideas and cultures.

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