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The Future of the Religious Party: SAIS Review of International Affairs

The relationship between religion and politics has captured the attention of esteemed scholars; to explore this relationship in greater detail, the SAIS Review of International Affairs has released a special issue on The Future of the Religious Party.

At the issue release event, SAIS Faculty discuss the future of religious political parties around the world.

Featured Panelists:

Walter Andersen, Ph.D. - Administrative Director of the South Asia Studies Program

Allison Berland, Ph.D. - Lecturer in the Global Policy Program

Charles Doran, Ph.D. - Director of the Global History and Theory Program

Camille Pecastaing, Ph.D. - Senior Associate Professor of Middle East Studies

Further issue information is available on the SAIS Review website, and the full issue can read in full on Project MUSE.

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