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Women Leaders Making a Difference on the Global Stage

Award-winning magazine editor and Daily Beast co-founder Tina Brown was the speaker for the latest installment of the Johns Hopkins SAIS series, Women Who Inspire. Brown spoke with ambassador and moderator Shirin Tahir-Kheli about her efforts to create, through her Women In the World Summits, a platform for local women leaders to tell their stories to make a difference in their communities.

For Brown, one of the keys to driving positive change on seemingly intractable problems is to emphasize the story before the issue: people do not respond to an issue without a story they can identify with, she said. With her summits, Brown is finding stories with the power to address global challenges specifically because they are told through the voices of women.

Brown shared striking stories from past summits, and explained that women's leadership is not only an end unto itself, but a tool to realize many global benefits including better health outcomes, rising household earnings, and improved organizational decision making.

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