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Greece: A Strong Ally at a Time of Geopolitical Threat

Perhaps no other country more has moved closer to the United States in recent years than Greece, as Athens continues to solidify the Greek-American partnership with bipartisan support. Military and political cooperation, people-to-people ties, as well as collaboration in the fields of energy, economy and investments have intensified over recent years. 

After successfully dealing with the sweeping economic crisis of the previous decade, Greece has become a pillar of stability in Southeastern Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean, despite continuing geopolitical tumult in the broader region. Apart from the repercussions of the Russian aggression against Ukraine, Athens also faces Turkish revisionism, continued instability in the Western Balkans, and turmoil in the Middle East. Regional cooperation with like-minded countries such as Cyprus and Israel, has proven to be a crucial tool for the promotion of prosperity and stability in this troubled region.

How can the Greek-American relationship develop even further? What risks does Athens foresee as Russia's war enters its second year?  What are the prospects of Greece’s relations with Turkey, taking into account elections in both countries and the tragic earthquake?  How can Washington work with Athens to resolve pending differences in the Western Balkans which delay European integration and prolong malign Russian influence and instability?

Greek Ambassador to the US, Alexandra Papadopoulou shared her candid perspectives on these and other issues, hosted by FPI Senior Fellow Edward P. Joseph. 

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