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Kosovo and Serbia: How To — Urgently — Make the Deal Work?

The US and EU have staked their credibility on an uncertain agreement between Kosovo and Serbia, concluded last month. Whatever its flaws and ambiguities, the Brussels-Ohrid Agreement between Serbia and Kosovo exists — and the fate of citizens in both countries rests on swift, fair and effective implementation.

So what are the urgent priorities and pitfalls? What responsibilities fall on the two parties -- and what responsibility falls on the authors of the deal in the US and EU?

Can Kosovar and Serbian negotiators make progress under EU leadership when the dynamics between Serbia and Kosovo remain so poor?

SAIS Foreign Policy Institute and the Kosovo Institute for Policy Research & Development held a discussion with leading experts from Kosovo and Serbia on how to Implement the Brussels-Ohrid Agreement.

Moderator: Edward P. Joseph


Lulzim Peci, Kosovar Institute for Policy Research and Development

Sonja Biserko, Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia

Arben Hajrullahu, University of Prishtina

Dušan Janjiċ, Forum for Ethnic Relations

Qëndrim Gashi, Council of Kosovo Ambassadors

Tatjana Lazareviċ, KoSSev

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