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The Green Agenda in the Balkans after Glasgow

Home to some of the worst air pollution on the globe – and a region suffering from uncertainty about its place in Europe – what is the Green Agenda for the Balkans? What are elected officials, non-governmental organizations and citizens actually doing to address the climate crisis and improve air and water quality in the region? How are governments reacting to demands and concerns from citizens over the environment? Join us as we bring together leading innovators, activists and officials from across the region to discuss, ‘What is the Green Agenda for the Balkans, After Glasogow?’ Jointly sponsored by Johns Hopkins SAIS Foreign Policy Institute and Balkan Insider, this event will be moderated by Edward P. Joseph of SAIS FPI and convened by Ari Mittleman, Publisher of Balkan Insider.

The event features a diverse set of expert voices, in alphabetical order:

  • Goran Jovanovski, Founder/CEO, AirCare (North Macedonia)

  • Samir Lemes, Professor, University of Zenica; Activist on Air Pollution (Bosnia-Herzegovina)

  • Olsi Nika, Environmental Biologist; Expert/Activist on Water Quality, Eco Albania (Albania)

  • Mario Rajn, Mayor, Krizevci (Croatia); ‘Energy independence by 2030’; Board Member, Energy Cities

  • Selma Sehovic, Project Manager, Climate Change and Just Energy Transition, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Dialogue, South-East Europe (Bosnia-Herzegovina)

  • Hristina Vojvodic, Legal Expert, Renewables and Environmental Regulatory Institute (RERI) (Serbia)

Moderator: Edward P. Joseph, Senior Fellow and Lecturer, JHU SAIS FPI Opening/Convening: Ari Mittleman, Publisher, Balkan Insider.

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