Susan Colbourn

DAAD Post-Doctoral Fellow

Susan Colbourn is a DAAD Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Foreign Policy Institute of Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS). A diplomatic and international historian, her research focuses on NATO, the Cold War, and the role of nuclear weapons in international politics and society.

Prior to joining SAIS, Colbourn received her Ph.D. in History from the University of Toronto (2018) and spent two years as a Henry Chauncey Jr. ’57 Postdoctoral Fellow at Yale University’s International Security Studies program.

At SAIS, she is working on two book-length projects. The first is an international history of NATO’s Cold War, focused on the Atlantic Alliance’s struggles to manage the promise and the pitfalls of a relaxation in tensions with the Soviet Union and Moscow’s Warsaw Pact allies from 1949 through the fall of the Berlin Wall. The second is a brief history of NATO’s enlargement in the 1990s.

Her research on transatlantic relations has appeared in Cold War History, International History Review, and Journal of Transatlantic Studies, among others and she is the co-editor, along with Timothy Andrews Sayle, of The Nuclear North: Histories of Canada in the Atomic Age published by University of British Columbia Press in autumn 2020. She also serves as the section editor for International Journal’s Lessons of History feature.