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Strategic Shocks: Readying for Reaction

Johns Hopkins SAIS Foreign Policy Institute is pleased to launch the new year with the next entry in our "Four Minute Foreign Policy," series, dedicated to providing accessible expert analysis of pressing global developments and starting public conversations on ever-evolving circumstances.

John-Michael Arnold, a DAAD Post-Doctoral Fellow at SAIS FPI, introduces his work on strategic shocks. From the fall of the Soviet Union, to the September 11th attacks, to the Arab Spring uprisings, to the Russian intervention in Ukraine, strategic shocks demand adaptability from actors at all scales - and are best managed by proactive preparation for the unexpected.

What might we prepare for in 2019? How have states successfully managed shocks in the past? What lessons can states, firms, NGOs, and other global actors learn regarding proactive preparation? Remember to like, comment and subscribe!

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